Webelos Outdoor Weekend (Sept 16-18)

WOW patch.

WOW is designed for first and second year Webelos. Troops are strongly encouraged to come camp with their Pack.
Scouts will be learning about first aid, cooking, and pioneering. They will be able to show of their skills doing the afternoon competitions. There will also be a dutch oven cooking contest. If you wish to participate, please bring your needed supplies.
If you have any questions, contact Phil Newbanks at 304-588-3993 or newbanks4@cascable.net.
Join us for a weekend of fun!

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Office Closure

Please note that the Service Center Office will be CLOSED on:

Thursday, June 30, 2016,

(for our Quarterly staff meeting and office maintenance)

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Re-Districting News

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Council President Howard Dewald charged Executive Vice President Steve Cogar with the mission of leading a committee to consider re-organizing our council. The Allohak Council was formed 25 years ago from the consolidation of the Central West Virginia and the Kootaga Area Councils which collectively had six districts and six district executives. That structure has existed even though the Total Available Youth (TAY) population has decreased 25% and staff has reduced from six to three district executives. The committee considered population densities and transportation corridors and a plan was proposed to the Allohak Council Executive Board which reduces the number of districts from six to four and will result in the creation of an additional district executive staff position. The re-organization plan was approved to be shared with the general Scouting community for review and comment. The Executive Board will vote on final adoption no earlier than the July 21 Executive Board Meeting.

Interested parties are encouraged to share their constructive thoughts by e-mailing Scout@Allohak.org and noting “re-districting” in the subject line or in writing to “Re-districting Committee, 1340 Juliana St., Parkersburg, WV 26101.” All comments in keeping with the Scout Oath and Law will be considered.

OA Lodge 25th Anniversary Lodge Flap Contest

to design the official 25th Anniversary Lodge Flap for the Nendawen Lodge 618.

This is open to any currently registered member of the Nendawen Lodge 618, Order of the Arrow.

Winner will be announced at the Winter Banquet and will not pay dues for 2017!!


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ALLOHAK NYLT July 23-28, 2016


The Age of Training
Join the Initiative
Coming July 2016
Camp Kootaga
July 23 -28, 2016

Dear Scout Leader,
As you know, training the youth leaders of a Boy Scout troop or Venture Crew is important in helping the individual Scout, the Troop or Crew grow. The Boy Scouts of America has an exciting weeklong training experience that has proven very valuable in the training of youth leaders – National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT). The Allohak Council will offer NYLT in 2016 and your nominated Scouts are invited to participate. The goal of the Conference is to offer the participants the Leadership and Scouting skills necessary to be effective leaders in their troops and crews, while helping them experience the fun and challenge of Scouting at its best. During the Conference the participants will be members of Training Troop 1 and will be split into patrols. Crew members will be instructed as to how a troop is organized and how this relates to a Crew’s organization. NYLT is run in a troop setting, utilizing the patrol method, and simulates a one month program of a troop, complete with troop meetings and an overnighter. Each patrol is assigned a Troop Guide (youth staff member) to help them.

To attend, a Scout must be at least First Class in rank, 13 years of age by the start of the course, currently filling a leadership position in the troop and be nominated by his SM. Venture Scouts must have attended a Venture Leadership Skills Course. Two years of summer camp experience is helpful as well. In discussing NYLT, The Scoutmaster Handbook recommends, “This should be a ‘must’ for the senior patrol leader.” The Conference is also endorsed in Scouting magazine, and in the Scoutmaster’s Junior Leader Training Kit. We suggest that you discuss the Conference with the members of your Troop Committee or Venture leadership and the patrol leaders’ council as soon as possible.
The Conference will be conducted in a camp setting so it is very important that the Scout have skills in hiking, camping, and cooking.

Jeremy Starkey will be serving as Conference Course Director. He has started assembling an excellent staff of experienced youth and adult leaders to serve as the Conference faculty. Enclosed is a copy of the nomination form for the Scout Leader to fill out and turn in to Allohak Council. Please note that the course has a limited enrollment of 48 Scouts, so please register as soon as possible. Registration will open April 1, 2016.

This is a great opportunity for the Scouts, Troops and Crews of our Council. We think this program will make a positive difference in the lives of the Scouts who participate. To the Scouts who attend, “The Furnace”is “Fun”, “Challenging”, “Adventure”, “Camping”, “Excitement”, “Learning Leadership”, “Making New Friends”, and “Gaining New Skills”.

Scoutcraft & Outdoor Skills

Participating youth leaders will learn advanced pioneering, creative ecology, specialty cooking, GPS and many other outdoor skills. The patrols will go on an overnight backpacking trip. Plus they will learn how to make these things happen back home in their troop.

Meetings and Activities

Your youth leaders will see and participate in model troop, patrol and patrol leader council meetings. They will learn how these relate to crew organization. The Scouts will learn how to use games and contests to make Scouting more fun. They will learn new skills, songs and ways to make their troop and patrol campfires sparkle. They’ll see how to make Scouting an adventure at every meeting and outing.

Learning from Others

The Conference creates opportunities for your youth leaders to share ideas with other young men and women from all over the Council. They will share what is cool about their troops, patrols and crews, interact between Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts, learn how others do things and bring new ideas home with them.

Leadership Skills

One of the biggest challenges of a Scoutmaster or Crew Leader is in developing youth leaders. This course will provide special training in the skills of leadership. It explains what they are and how they can be applied within your troop or crew to form a group, to develop its capabilities, and to help get the job done. The skills covered include: Communicating, Planning, Problem Solving, Effective Teaching, Resolving Conflict, Making Ethical Decisions, Leading Yourself, Valuing People, Finding Your Vision, and The Meaning of Leadership.

What Is The Cost?

This year to eliminate the problem of waiting until the last minute to sign up, we have instituted a pay scale with the following dates for 2016.

  • April 1 – June 1 = $200
  • June 1 – June 15 = $220
  • June 16 – June 30 = $250

All out of council =$220 *Before June 15*
After June 30th, there will be no further applications accepted. The cut off will be 48 youth. The determination of acceptance is on a first pay, first served basis.

Uniforms and Equipment

Scouts will wear the official scout or crew uniform as well as “Scouting Casual” uniforms (Scouting related T-shirt and Scout shorts or pants) for the course. For equipment, they need to provide only their own personal camping gear. An equipment list will be sent to participants when their reservations are accepted.

The Role of the Home Scout Leader

The Conference is designed to strengthen the relationship between the youth leader and his or her Scout Leader. The Scout Leader must nominate participants. Scout Leaders are encouraged to attend the
pre-course meeting.

Please Note:
While a lot of fun, “The Age of Training” NYLT is a highly structured training experience, which does not include individual rank advancement, merit badge work, and the regular summer camp types of programs. A variety of other challenging and exciting activities are included in the course schedule.

To gain the greatest exposure to new ideas and methods, Scouts from the same troop will be put into different patrols for the Conference. The course has limited enrollment, and the Course Director has the final decision on who attends.

We look forward to hearing from your unit! PLEASE REMEMBER TO REGISTER FOR NYLT STARTING April 1, 2016!

Jeremy Starkey SM

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2017 National Scout Jamboree

The first Boy Scouts of America national jamboree was scheduled to be held in Washington, D.C., in 1935 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Scouting in America. Unfortunately, the jamboree was canceled because of a polio outbreak in Washington. When the first jamboree was finally held in 1937, Dan Beard lit the opening campfire using flint and steel. Scouts from all 48 states brought the wood that was used in the campfire. There were some 27,232 Scouts camped on the National Mall under the Washington Monument. Since that time, 17 national jamborees have been held, the last in 2013. The next one will be July 19-28, 2017 at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve, and you are invited to attend!

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Cub Scout Summer camp will be held at Camp Kootaga.
The purpose of good Scouting and Scout camping is to train boys in good character, vital citizenship and personal fitness. The objectives of the Camp Staff and the Camp program are to serve the needs of the Pack and the Scouts. In outdoor Scouting activities, simple skills of camp craft, woodcraft, aquatics, personal fitness and living in a Democratic society are at a premium.

They are important because:
1. Learning skills and advancing bring self-confidence.
2. Solving immediate camping problems brings self-reliance.
3. Vigorous outdoor exercise promotes personal fitness.
4. Knowing what to do and doing it promotes personal initiative.
5. Making group decisions and implementing them develops cooperation.
6. Facing certain hardships with buddies makes life-long friends.
7. Experiencing nature develops outdoor appreciation and spiritual awareness

Lord Baden-Powell wrote in 1919, “The objective of a camp is:
1. To meet the boy’s desire for the open air life of the Scouts; and
2. To put him completely in the hands of the Cubmaster for a definite period of individual training and character and in physical and moral development.”

The basis of this training and character development is the Scout’s participation and acceptance of responsibility of his Patrol. Baden-Powel emphasized this in 1936 when he wrote, “The Patrol is the character school for the individual. To the Patrol Leader it gives practice in responsibility and in the qualities of Leadership. To the Scouts it gives subordination of self to the interest of the whole, the elements of self-denial, and the self-control involved in the team spirit of cooperation and good comradeship.”

At Camp Kootaga, we intend to reproduce and strengthen the processes by which a Troop ideally operates when it is in its home community. We do not intend to replace the Scoutmaster, the Pack’s Leaders Council or the Leadership Corp, but rather to work with them and through them in determining the needs of individual Packs and of the Scouts in them.

Camp will be more than out-of-doors; it will bring an intense and vital training session for the Troops that come and for the boys they bring. It is a vital part of the Scouting program and will endeavor to build Scouts and Troops by supplying them challenges, opportunities and rewards of Scouting in an intensive and reinforcing way. This assists the Scouts and Packs to determine their own Program and effectively operate through their own Leadership.

The links below are provided to answer some of your basic questions.

Patch Click here for a printed registration form.

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PatchClick here to download Medical Forms.

PatchClick here for Camp Leaders Guide

PatchClick here for the proposed camp events and Fees

PatchClick here for the proposed menu and special diet form.

Patch Click here for the proposed camp schedule


2016 Area 4 Training Conference (Oct 1)


As in previous years the 2016 Area 4 Training Conference will offer a wide variety of training and forum topics that will benefit Council and District Leaders, as well as Professional Staff.

Sessions and Registration info will be available soon!

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