Blennerhasset District Day Camp (Jun 18-20)

Then come on out June 18-20 to the Civitan Park in Belpre
and you will have more fun than you can imagine. With a theme of
what else but FUN would you expect!!!!

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Blennerhassett District Camporee (May 1-3)

Patrol Challenge based Spring Camporee
will be held May 1-3 at Mountwood Park!
Themed around the popular TV Show, The Amazing Race!
Get your unit excited about signing up

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Kootaga Cub Fun Day (May 23)

Bring Cub Scouts for a day of fun
to Camp Kootaga on May 23 from 9am-4pm for
a themed adventure, “Return to the Frontier”!
Hikes, BBs, Archery and other Scout activities.
All Cub Scouts who bring a friend
who joins Scouts gets a special recruitment patch!

CANCELED! Washington District Camporee 5/1-3/2015

Proposed activities

  • Friday, May 1: Set up camp
  • Saturday, May 2: Activities
  • Ohio River Museum

    1. We will be camping on the Ohio River Museum grounds (no ground fires)
    2. Knot tying
    3. Stream table
    4. Line toss
    5. Fresh water mussels
    6. Guided Tour of the W.P. Snyder
      from 1:00-2:00
    8. Campus Martius Museum

    9. Surveying
    10. Native Americans/ flint knapping
    11. Letterboxing through Campus Martius Museum
    12. Guided tour of the Rufus Putnam House
    13. Evening Campfire (Story Telling)

  • Sunday, May 3:
    Church Service
    Pack up and go home

Cost $20.00
Meals are self-sufficient
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Camp Red Arrow June 22-25, 2015

Camp Red Arrow Cub Scouts can participate in many types of activities including, archery, BB-guns, sling shots, field sports, nature, arts and crafts, Scout skills, and a variety of other events. All areas (especially range activities) place a special emphasis on safety procedures. It’s a fun-filled week four days of challenging Cub Scout activities, exciting adventures and new friendships.

Camp is under the direction of a Camp Director and Program Director trained at the Boy Scouts of America National Camping School. All ranges are under the supervision of staff with hours of training and experience in their field. Safety is the number one priority at day camp followed by fun and adventure.

Scouts primarily sign up and attend day camp with their Pack. Camp is a lot more fun when your den attends together. However if your Pack is not attending Day Camp there is no reason why you should miss out on the adventure. A Scout and their adult partner can attend day camp and be matched with a den of Scouts the same age. We don’t want anyone to miss out on this awesome summer experience. Please contact your Day Camp Program Director, Terri Holcomb for information on how to attend without your Pack.

This year we will allow the cub scouts to invite a friend to attend camp on Wednesday, June 24. More details on this later.

Listed below are the items that make up the Cub Master’s/Parent’s guide.

PDF Format
- Cub Master letter
- Cub Master Forms
- Parents Information Letter
- Parents and Sibling Registration
- Weblos Scout Overnight Registration
- Weblos Adult Overnight Registration
- Code of Conduct and Staff Agreement
Patch Design
Hock-Hocking Patch design contest form

Click here to download Medical Forms. You will need Part A and both pages of Part B
Click here to download Registration Forms.
Click here to download Scoutmaster’s letter and junior staff application

HH Race for a reason Camporee

The Hock-Hocking camporee portion of this event has been canceled. Anyone wishing to participate in the races are encouraged to register. You may also continue to donate to the Boy Scouts by selecting one of the following:

Hock-Hocking District
Washington District

To register for your race follow the following events. If You are planning to attend the Hock-Hocking spring 2015 Camporee with your Boy Scout Troop Please select the Hock-Hocking catagoy and your fee is covered by your donation. to download a copy of the flier click here

To Become a Participant/Fundraiser in the Event:

1. Go to
2. There will be four options to become a participant: Triathlon, Mud Run, 5K Run, and 3K Walk

Adult Leader Outdoor Training Weekend (Jun 5-7)

Adult Leader Outdoor Training (ALOT) Weekend – a weekend of Acronyms – Blennerhassett District will be holding several different trainings opportunities on the weekend of June 5-7 at Camp Kootaga.  The courses will include outdoor training for all levels of Scouting.  The cost for the weekend will vary depending on what training you are planning to take.   All participants need a current BSA health form.  Registration deadline is May 15th.  Check-in starts at 5pm at the Camp Kootaga Dining Hall, all participants will be tent camping with personal gear.  For additional information contact Todd Handley at

C32 – Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) $15 – An introduction to the skills needed to plan and conduct Cub Scout outdoor activities. Learn about all the fun you can have outdoors! If your pack goes camping on non-council events, at least one leader on the trip must be BALOO-trained.

C33 – Outdoor Skills for Webelos Leaders (OWL) $15 – A hands-on introduction to outdoor skills for the Webelos program, taught as part of an overnight campout.

S11 – Introduction To Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS) $15 – Introduction to basic outdoor skills like knife and ax, cooking, and pioneering. Taught as a hands-on weekend campout. Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters must take this training in order to wear the “Trained” patch. Leaders of venturing crews with an outdoor program must take this course, too.

D78 – Leave No Trace Trainer (LNT) $50 – Hands-on training in the seven principles of Leave No Trace (LNT) and how to create awareness of LNT and inspire and nurture responsible recreation. LNT camping is growing in popularity, and many camping areas now require you to use LNT methods. LNT has also been added to the Boy Scout advancement requirements. Take this training to gain valuable skills and be certified to train others in LNT and conduct awareness workshops. This is an outdoor class limited to 12 adult and older youth participants.

N02 – Wilderness and Remote First Aid (WRFA) $65 – Certification in WRFA is required for treks to Philmont Scout Reservation, Northern Tier and Florida Sea Base and is recommended for backcountry camping, hiking, canoeing, and other high adventures. Participants need to have completed CPR Training. Class size is limited to 12 adult and older youth participants.

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FREE!! Cloth Rank Patches

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Cub Scout Summer camp will be at Camp Kootaga.
The purpose of good Scouting and Scout camping is to train boys in good character, vital citizenship and personal fitness. The objectives of the Camp Staff and the Camp program are to serve the needs of the Pack and the Scouts. In outdoor Scouting activities, simple skills of camp craft, woodcraft, aquatics, personal fitness and living in a Democratic society are at a premium.

They are important because:
1. Learning skills and advancing bring self-confidence.
2. Solving immediate camping problems brings self-reliance.
3. Vigorous outdoor exercise promotes personal fitness.
4. Knowing what to do and doing it promotes personal initiative.
5. Making group decisions and implementing them develops cooperation.
6. Facing certain hardships with buddies makes life-long friends.
7. Experiencing nature develops outdoor appreciation and spiritual awareness

Lord Baden-Powell wrote in 1919, “The objective of a camp is:
1. To meet the boy’s desire for the open air life of the Scouts; and
2. To put him completely in the hands of the Cubmaster for a definite period of individual training and character and in physical and moral development.”

The basis of this training and character development is the Scout’s participation and acceptance of responsibility of his Patrol. Baden-Powel emphasized this in 1936 when he wrote, “The Patrol is the character school for the individual. To the Patrol Leader it gives practice in responsibility and in the qualities of Leadership. To the Scouts it gives subordination of self to the interest of the whole, the elements of self-denial, and the self-control involved in the team spirit of cooperation and good comradeship.”

At Camp Kootaga, we intend to reproduce and strengthen the processes by which a Troop ideally operates when it is in its home community. We do not intend to replace the Scoutmaster, the Pack’s Leaders Council or the Leadership Corp, but rather to work with them and through them in determining the needs of individual Packs and of the Scouts in them.

Camp will be more than out-of-doors; it will bring an intense and vital training session for the Troops that come and for the boys they bring. It is a vital part of the Scouting program and will endeavor to build Scouts and Troops by supplying them challenges, opportunities and rewards of Scouting in an intensive and reinforcing way. This assists the Scouts and Packs to determine their own Program and effectively operate through their own Leadership.

The links below are provided to answer some of your basic questions.

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Click here to download Medical Forms.

Click here for Camp Leaders Guide

Click here for the proposed camp events and Fees

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2015 Nuts for Scouting

This Spring the Allohak Council is pleased to again offer Scouts a product for the camp fundraiser – Virginia Diner Peanuts. A high quality product with proven success for Allohak Council Scouts Since 2011, the Nuts for Scouting program is an effective way for any Cub Scout, Boy Scout or Venturer to pay for their summer adventure or begin saving for a future event.

The commission is 30%!

Show and Sell is a great way to sell the product with no need to take an order and return with the product. Unsold products may be returned for a full credit as long is it is in a full case and in good condition.

Show-n-Sale Orders due February 6, 2015
Take Orders due March 27, 2015

On average, a Scout will sell $100 per hour going door to door, with little effort and encouragement from Mom and Dad.

A Scout can earn:

Hour’s     Sales            Commission
1           $100             $30
2           $200             $60 Pays for Day Camp
3           $300             $90
4           $400             $120 Pays for CS Resident Camp
5           $500             $150
6           $600             $180
7           $700             $210 Pays for Boy Scout Summer Camp
8           $800             $240
9           $900             $270
10         $1000             $300

The Nuts for Scouting is a turn key no risk fundraiser to help your Scouts earn their way to camp, build confidence and learn valuable public speaking skills.

For more information, contact your District Executive at 304-422-4507 (800-654-5272) or the Allohak Scout Service Center, 1340 Juliana St., Parkersburg, WV.

For a Unit Take Order Form, click here. (This is in a pdf format)
For a Unit Take Order Form, click here. (This is in an excel format)

For a Unit Show-n-Sell Form, click here. (This is in a pdf format)
For a Unit Show-n-Sell Form, click here. (This is in an excel format)

Click here for a copy of the Nut Brochure

Tentative dates are as follows:
(Dates are subject to change)

February 6 – Show n Sell Orders Due
February 20 – Show n Sell Delivery
February 21 – Take Order Sale begins
March 23 – Take Order Sale ends
March 27 – Take Orders due to and Show n Sell Returns due to Scout Service Center
April 18 – Take Order Distribution
May 1 – ALL money due to council