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Office Closure

Please note that the Service Center Office will be CLOSED on:

Friday, September 30, 2016,

(Quarterly Staff Meeting & Maintenance)

2016 Camp Mahonegon Cub Adventure (Sept 24)


Then come on out to this year’s Cub Adventure Weekend at Camp Mahonegon on the weekend of September 24, 2016. The Camp will be transformed by our staff for a weekend of fun, games and activities for the whole family!! Read this letter carefully and follow the directions to register!

Halloween Fun Day at Camp Kootaga 10/29/16

Haunted House


Walking Pumpkin

Register online

Camp Kootaga Fall Camporee October 21-23, 2016

A joint camporee will be held at Camp Kootaga in Walker, WV on October 21 – October 23, 2016. The Little Kanawha and Washington Districts will be hosting this joint camporee. Activities being planned for Scouts include:

  • Scout Spirit
    • This event is not a timed event. It is a spirit event. The patrol that exhibits the most Scout spirit during the camporee will win. (Patrol yell, positive attitude, following the Scout Oath, Law and Motto). This will be judged continually by the staff members of the camporee. Suggestions to help win this event: patrol flag with you at all times, showing up on time, acting and performing as a patrol, having a patrol cheer, looking exceptionally sharp at Retreat and at Reveille, camp site condition and performing well at campfire. This event is worth 100 points.
  • Fire Building
    • To successfully earn the points for this event, Scouts will need to build a fire and boil water in a wax paper cup. You will not be allowed to bring anything but your patrol and a will to win. You will be given two (2) matches to perform this event. Each additional match required will cost you one minute of time and 10 points. You will be given ten (10) minutes to gather wood and tinder from the surrounding area and to build your fire lay. At the end of this time you will light your fire and you may add additional wood as you want and you may blow on the fire as you wish. No use of rocks for heating surfaces will be allowed. Fastest time to boil the cup of water wins 100 points. The event will be conducted in the First Year camper area.
  • First Aid
    • To earn the points for this event the patrol will need to know the Basics of Emergency Prep and be able to treat a situation based upon the circumstances of that situation. The patrol will need to bring with them two short straight sticks (18”), two long straight sticks (36”), ace bandages or B.S.A neckerchiefs, sling making materials, two long poles or sturdy Scout staves 6’ to 7’ long and a blanket (full size bed ). This event will be judged on time and accuracy and is up to the judge as to the scoring. This event is worth 100 points.
  • Knots
      To earn the points for this event the patrol will need to know the basic knots that are routinely used by the Boy Scouts of America and are in your B.S.A. Handbook. Patrol members will draw knot names in a relay fashion and will be asked to tie them. Fifty (50) points will be awarded for each successful knot that is tied the first time through. If a patrol member does not know his knot then 25 points will be deducted from the patrols final score for each occurrence. The patrol with the fastest time and total points wins. And if a single patrol member can tie the Trumpet Knot it is worth and additional 50 points. (knots to consider: Scout=square knot, Tenderfoot =two ½ hitches and the taut line hitch, 1st Class=timber hitch, clove hitch, sheet bend and bowline).
  • Compass Course
    • Orienteering is a sport in which the competitors navigate as a patrol through the terrain. Competitors must visit a number of control points aided only by map and compass. In standard orienteering competition the task is to run this course in the shortest possible time.
  • A-Frame Race:
    • The patrol will build a life size tripod using the two basic B.S.A. lashings (square & triangle), then one member will ride the upright tripod with the aid of his fellow patrol members to victory across a finish line. This event requires a minimum of five (5) patrol members. 100 points will be rewarded to the patrol with the fastest build and race time.
  • Hot Isotope Game
    • To earn the points for this event the patrol will need to work together to successfully neutralize a Hot Isotope without touching it in any way. You will need to transport a bucket of water to another location without touching the bucket. The Patrol with the most water and best time will earn 100 points.
  • Log Raise
    • Also referred to as the Rope-Throw-Log-Lift Game and the Heaving Bar, this is an activity requiring a series of rope-handling and knot-tying skills. Because the skills that are called into play aren’t normally combined in such a sequence, and because there’s an element of fast-paced, fun competition, those Scouts knowing how to tie the featured knots most often get a kick out of giving it a go. The activity is to complete the task in the fastest time between individual Scouts working as a team.

      This game is intended to develop the knot tying skills. It is important to know that the knots used (clove hitch, timber hitch, sheep shank) are each tied in a typical application for each knot. Additionally, you will develop the skills of coiling and throwing a rope.

      To prepare for this challenge, you should practice tying the individual knots and coiling and throwing a rope. The challenge starts for a single Scout with the rope coiled ready to throw. The rope is thrown over the cross spar. If the throw misses the mark, the Scout recoils the rope and throws again. If the throw is good, he uses the end of the rope he is holding to tie a clove hitch on the stake next to where he’s standing.

      Next he moves to the end of the rope that was thrown over the cross spar and uses it to tie a timber hitch around a short length of log (about 4 inches in diameter and 4 feet long). Then he ties a half hitch around one end of the log (forming a Killick Hitch).

  • Stick Walk
  • Stretcher Build and Carry Course
    • Patrols will be timed on how fast they can build a stretcher. They will have to be able to carry a person (one of their patrol members) across an area from Point A to Point B. They will be graded on how well they build the stretcher together as a patrol, and how fast they get from Point A to Point B.

      • Teamwork 10 points
      • Spirit 10 points
      • Stretcher Construction 20 points
      • Speed for Carrying 10 points Maximum

  • Tracking
  • Scouting History quiz/game
  • Merit Badge quiz/game
    • – Materials: a picture of each merit badge, each picture numbered but not identified by title (“see the Merits of Scouting” poster), one sheet of paper and a pencil for each Scout
    • – Method: The numbered merit badge pictures are spread out on one or more tables. The Scouts are instructed to study the merit badge pictures for five minutes and write down the correct title of each badge beside the corresponding number on their sheets of paper.
    • – Scoring: The Scouts exchange papers and score each other’s sheets as a leader reads the correct numbers and titles of the badges. The Scout who correctly identifies the most badges wins.
  • Ballista (catapult):
    • Each troop is instructed to build a catapult using lashings and fill water balloons. All Ballista’s are to be built on site by scouts 18 years and under. No metal fasteners except for Four (4) screws used to mount the bottle bottom to the ballista and the eyelet rings or pulleys to guide the ropes. Each Troop will need to bring nine poles, two pulleys, ¼ rope, 25 balloons (filled with water) and the bottom of a two liter plastic bottle. Each troop is assigned a designated area and must stay within the boundaries as marked. A signal will be given and all patrols will assemble their ballista. Each troop will be given a diagram of the catapult. Diagrams can be found in the Scouting Magazine Volume March-April 2008. Ballista will be judged on distance of throw and accuracy in hitting a predetermined target area.
  • and more in an action packed weekend while camping in our own “tent city”.

    All units will be self-sufficient. Meals will not be provided.

    Each registered participant will receive a Camporee Patch or a year patch.
    Additional patches will be available for purchase.

    Cost for the weekend activities is $10 per youth and adult.

    There are still some activities unmanned at this time and we need some help to run these stations. If you are willing to help, please contact Shawn Harris or Jim Hammond Co-Chairmen for the camporee:

    Shaun Harris 740-525-4640 or email
    Jim Hammond 304-435-7563 or email

    Camporee Schedule

    Friday evening • 5:00 – 8:00PM Registration at Sparky’s Park*
    • 9:00PM – Adult Leaders meeting — bring your Senior Patrol Leaders — to Sparky’s Park
    • 11:00PM – Lights out and quiet time

    • Breakfast
    • 8:45AM – Flag raising and announcements
    • 9:00AM – Activities begin
    • 12:00PM – LUNCH
    • 1:00PM – Meet at flag poles
    • 2:00PM – Activities resume
    • 5:00PM – Dinner
    • 8:00PM – Campfire
    • 11:00PM – Lights out and quiet time

    Sunday Morning
    • Breakfast
    • 8:45AM – Flag raising
    • 9:00AM – Chapel service
    • 9:30AM – Awards ceremony
    • 10:00AM – Check out

    All activities and scheduling are subject to change.

    *Receive your campsite entrance pass at registration. One vehicle per troop (with trailer) allowed entering each campsite. No vehicles will be permitted in campsite areas after gear is unloaded. Campsites will be assigned upon registration.

    Register online
    Register via U.S. Mail
    Download a copy of the Leader’s Guide

Allohak Council Group Football Outing:

Ohio University Football

<<< Calling all football fans! >>>

Plan to attend a Bobcat football game with the Scouts on October 15, 2016 (East Michigan Game) for only $12 per ticket. Purchase your tickets directly from the Allohak Council Website or by completing this form to receive the following:

  • Purchase tickets at the group outing rate
  • Get in game recognition (example: a PA announcement saying you all were in attendance and where you are seated)
  • Ability to make the tunnel on field pregame

2016 Popcorn Sale

It’s that time of year again….TO SELL POPCORN!!!

If you have questions, contact your District Executive or Popcorn Kernel

Campmaster’s Popcorn is made exclusively for sale by the Boy Scouts of America units. It’s our largest annual fundraiser that runs mid-September through November.

This annual council-wide fundraiser assists local units in raising money for summer resident or day camps, adventures, supplies, registration fees, and advancement badges. Monies raised at the council level contribute to valuable programs such as Scout Reach, a program that provides support to individuals, training volunteers to be better Scouts, and sustaining camp facilities.

Purchasing popcorn outside of a retail store (show-and-sell) or ordering popcorn (take-order), is the easiest way to help units raise money. Over 70% of all sales dollars remain here to support our Scouts at the council and the unit level.

So, do your part, get out there and SELL!! SELL!! SELL!!

Click here to see all you need to know in the Popcorn Leaders Guide.
Click here to see the Products that we will be offering.
Click here for SHOW N SELL unit order form in Microsoft Excel.
Click here for SHOW N SELL unit order form in pdf format.
Click here for UNIT TAKE ORDER form in Microsoft Excel.
Click here for UNIT TAKE ORDER form in pdf format.
Click here for PRIZE ORDER FORM.
Click here for INDIVIDUAL SALES form in Microsoft Excel.
Click here for HIGH ACHIEVER form in pdf format.
Click here for Tips for a Popcorn Sale.
Click here for Tips for a Show & Sell.
Click here for Pay Anywhere information (only recommended for Show & Sell).

Kootaga Cub Adventure (Oct 7-9)


Come out and join us for a weekend of F-U-N!!
Some activities include: BB, Archery, crafts, games, and rank advancements.
Also, come and check out the cool construction equipment.
This is a family camp so bring the whole clan!
If you have any questions or would like to help,contact Phil Newbanks at 304-588-3993 or

Click here for a leaders guide
Click here to view the menu.
Click here to register online

Washington District Leadership Dinner Nov. 4, 2016

Coming to Marietta

Craig Krenzel Craig Krenzel attended Henry Ford II High School (Sterling Heights, Mich.), and was an excellent student and a letterman in football (3 yrs), basketball (2 yrs), and baseball (1 yr). In football, as a senior, Krenzel completed 60 percent of his passes and threw for 1,760 yards and 25 touchdowns, and won USA Today honorable mention All-America accolades that year.

Click here to watch the dinner promotional video.

The cost to attend this event is $100.00 per seat or if you wish to purchase a full table the cost is $1,000.00.

Will call tickets can be ordered by telephoning the Scout Service Center (304-422-4507), Gentry and Associates (740-373-3500) or, online.

To view and download a copy of Craig Krenzel’s mini biography click here.

To view and download a copy of the dinner flier click here.

To view and download a copy of the information card click here.

Come join us for a fun and entertaining evening with Craig Krenzel at the Marietta Country Club on November 4, 2016!

Council Shirt Fund Raiser

Short Sleeve Shirt Wicking tee Shirt Long Sleeve Tee Shirt
Short Sleeve Tee Shirt Wicking Tee Shirt Long Sleeve Tee Shirt
$15.00 2x-5X $17.00 $18.00 2x-4X $21.00 $17.50 2x-3x $19.50 4x 21.50
Crew Neck Sweatshirt Long Sleeve Tee Shirt
Wicking Long Sleeve Crew Neck Sweatshirt Hooded Sweatshirt
$19.50 2x-3x $21.50 $21.00 2x-4x $25.00 $25.00 2x-3x $28.00 4x 30.00

Design Ball Cap
Ball Cap

Click here to place order electronically.
Click here for a flier/order form.


Re-Districting News

To view/download/print a copy of the proposed Re-districting map click here.

Council President Howard Dewald charged Executive Vice President Steve Cogar with the mission of leading a committee to consider re-organizing our council. The Allohak Council was formed 25 years ago from the consolidation of the Central West Virginia and the Kootaga Area Councils which collectively had six districts and six district executives. That structure has existed even though the Total Available Youth (TAY) population has decreased 25% and staff has reduced from six to three district executives. The committee considered population densities and transportation corridors and a plan was proposed to the Allohak Council Executive Board which reduces the number of districts from six to four and will result in the creation of an additional district executive staff position. The re-organization plan was approved to be shared with the general Scouting community for review and comment. The Executive Board will vote on final adoption no earlier than the July 21 Executive Board Meeting.

Interested parties are encouraged to share their constructive thoughts by e-mailing and noting “re-districting” in the subject line or in writing to “Re-districting Committee, 1340 Juliana St., Parkersburg, WV 26101.” All comments in keeping with the Scout Oath and Law will be considered.

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