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Name of Scout_____________________________________________  Unit #_______


Scout's Phone#______________________  Leader's Phone#______________________

Each question must be explained in detail. Use a separate sheet of paper to 

answer questions (number your answers the same as the question number) and 

attach this worksheet to your answer sheet when you submit it for approval, 

to your Unit Leader, Unit Advancement Committee, and District Advancement



   1. Primary Purpose (What is the need your project will fulfill? Who will 

      it benefit? Name of church, synagogue, school, chartering organization 

      or community).

   2. What are the specific goals to be accomplished? Use specific figures. 

      (i.e. paint a 100' x 100' room, build two 1000' nature trials, etc.)

   3. What are the specific manpower assignments? List all names and their 

      duties. (i.e. John Smith, Leader Group 1, workers Tim Jones, Mike 

      Jones, Bill Sims) Group 1 to work on west and north side of building. 

      Bob Jones, Leader group 2 ... etc.)

   4. What materials and supplies will be needed? (List all materials even 

      if they will be donated)

   5. What community resources will be used? (Newspaper publicity, school 

      field, city materials [paint, money, wood, etc.], Police department, 

      any other resource)

   6. List the specific steps to be taken to bring your project to a 

      successful completion. Show approximate date you plan to complete 

      each step.

   7. What problems do you anticipate needing to overcome to successfully 

      complete your project? Outline alternative methods to overcome each 

      problem and management techniques to be used.

   8. List the date when your project was approved by the organization 

      which it is benefiting. Obtain a signature on your written answer 

      sheet of the person who approved your project, list that person's 

      position with the organization and their phone number(s)

   9. Complete a proposed budget showing all income needed and anticipated 


    *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 

Signatures below are required for approval of your project BEFORE you start 

work on your Eagle Project.

Unit Leader_______________________________       Date Approved_______________

Unit Committee Chairman___________________       Date Approved_______________

District Advancement Chairman______________      Date Approved_______________

This form, with the completed answers to all questions, must be reviewed 

and signed by the District Advancement Chairman in order to secure approval 

to start your project. After approval has been given for your project, this 

form and answers will be return

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