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The following information is to be recorded as your project progresses and 

questions are to be answered at the completion of the project. The entire 

report, both the first worksheet (nine questions and your answer sheet) and 

this sheet with all information recorded and questions answered must be

comleted before your Eagle Board of Review. Again, use a separate sheet of

paper and number your answers the same as the questions.

IMPLEMENTATION (This information is to be recorded while your project is 


   1. Record the specific steps taken and the results of each.

   2. Record any revisions or changes from your original plan as they 

      become necessary.

   3. Record income and expenses as they occur and their source. 

      (i.e. Feb. 21, $50 income for materials from the Church Trustees 

      Committee; Feb 25., $35 for paint and $5 for rollers paid to XYZ 

      Paint Store; Feb. 28, $5 plastic drop clot paid to QRS Hardware)

   4. Record roles of non-Scout's who assist in your project. (i.e. Sgt. 

      Tom Black, County Sheriffs Office gave a safety demonstration to  

      all groups before we started the project, etc)

EVALUATION (These questions are to be answered after you have completed 

your project)

   5. Obtain a letter from the organization for which this project was 

      completed giving their evaluation of the work done during the project.

   6. Give a capsule evaluation of your project in relationship to your 

      original plans and goals.

   7. Describe any problems that you had not anticipated and how they were 


   8. What changes would you make if you were to run this project again?

   9. Explain any financial problems encountered.

  10. Show an entire budget of actual income and expenses. Tell how the 

      actual budget compares to your proposed budget before you started 

      your project.

  11. What benefits were accomplished by this project? What, if any, 

      benefits could be derived from another Scout doing this or a 

      similar project in the future?

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