As defined by the National Council

The checklist is similar to the one used at the Scout Service Center to 

verify the application form and the supportive material in the packet.  

When the Scout has completed the application and has submitted the packet 

to the leader for approval, the Unit Leader and/or Unit Committee should  

check the packet for completeness. If it is complete and the Unit Leader

approves the candidates then the Unit Leader should sign and date the form

in the proper place. The Unit Advancement Chairman should then go through

the entire application and if they approve of the application then the

chairman should sign in the proper location and take (or send) to the

Scout Service Center. This will help the verification processing and will

avoid a delay caused by an application being sent back to the unit to be

corrected. The items below are required by National Council.

___     All information legible

___     Applicant's name correct and legible

___     Applicant's address, Unit type, Local number, Location  No Abbreviations

___     Dates of entry into Scouting and Board of Review dates for First Class and Star Ranks

___     At least four months between First Class and Star Scout Board of Review dates

___     At least six months between Star Scout and Life Scout Board of Review dates

___     Webelos Scout and Arrow of Light questions answered

___     Date of  birth

___     Does applicant meet age requirement criterion?

___     At least six months between Life Scout and Eagle Scout Board of Review

___     Letters of  reference in packet (minimum of five)

___     21 merit badges earned (date as mm/dd/yy and unit #)

___     Four required merit badges earned prior to Star Scout Board of Review

___     Three additional required badges (7 total) earned prior to Life Board of Review.

___     Must serve six months in a position of responsibility between Life 

        Scout and Eagle Scout Board of Review (See application for list of 


___     Service project completed between Life Scout and Eagle Scout Board of Review 

        dates and prior to 18th birthday

___     Service Project worksheets (PLANNING; IMPLEMENTATION & EVALUATION) 

        and answers in packet

___     Growth conference date

___     Applicants Signature, dated             

___     Unit Leader's signature, dated

___     Unit Committee Chairman's signature, dated                    

___     Date sent to Scout Service Center______________________

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