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Little Kanawha District

Includes the counties of Calhoun, Jackson, roane adn Wirt in West Virginia. Our district strives to meet Scouting objectives, while providing an exciting climate in which Scouts and their Units can thrive. Our District includes many strong Troops, Posts, Crews and Packs.

Little Kanawha District Leadership & Committee

The District Key 3

District Chariman Tim Bailey A volunteer selected by the district nominating committee annually and elected by the district members. District chair’s may serve one or more years and are responsible for organizing the district committees and naming chairs to each.
District Commissioner William Smithson A volunteer selected by the district nominating committee annually and recommended to the council. District commissioners may serve one or more years and are responsible for organizing the commissioner staff to provide service to the units of the district.
District Executive April McFarlin, (304) 966-2292 A professional assigned to the district by the council. District executives are responsible for working with the district chair and district commissioner to conduct the day-to-day business of the district. The Scouting professional can be very helpful in showing the unit committee how to accomplish the unit’s program goals.

The District Committee

Membership Chair Myra Well The district membership/relationships committee gathers information on prospective chartered organizations, helps organize new units, reorganizes dropped units and units not meeting, and recruits new members in a systematic way. It establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships with major community organizations and strategic alliances, both those with and without Scouting units. These include religious, educational, civic, fraternal, and veteran organizations and associations; labor unions; business and industry; professional societies; and other organizations with objectives compatible with the Boy Scouts of America.
Advancement Chair Dave Fletcher The district advancement committee implements procedures that help achieve BSA advancement procedures. The committee helps Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, Varsity teams, and Venturing crews succeed. Units help youth members advance in rank. If they advance, they will have a good experience and will grow in their Scouting adventure.
Program Activities / Civic
Service Chairperson
Tim Bailey The district activities and civic service committee’s job is to provide mountaintop experiences that dramatically capture the attention of the whole Scouting community: a Scout color guard at a city hall ceremony, or presentation of the Award of Merit to leaders at a district recognition dinner. Your efforts help make these great events happen in the lives of Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturers, and leaders.
Camping Chairperson Joe Crowder The district camp promotion and outdoor committee provides outdoor programs that most units are unable to provide on their own, and outdoor programs are often the main reason youth join a Scout unit. From Cub Scout day camp to high-adventure programs, this committee helps make exciting outdoor programs available for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers.
Nominating Chairperson Arlene Kuryla Review the policies and procedures of the nominating committee with the committee members and staff and insure that all activities of the committee are in compliance.
Venturing Chairperson Sabrina Cogar Represent the District at Council Venturing Committee meetings. Also, provides two way communications to the district & units from the Council Venturing Committee. Promotes the Venturing Program within the District. Encourage all Crew leaders to attend training sessions and become fully trained in their position. Assist the District Key 3 with contacts & start up of new crews.
Product Sales Chairperson Dave Fletcher Successful product sales throughout the year helps the council and individual units to raise money for needed expenses. The two major Product Sales for the council are the Annual Spring Product Sale and the annual Popcorn Sale. The profits from these sales enables youth to attend and pay for events that would (or could be) a financial burden. Each unit within the district council has financial goals. By participating in the council product sales, the goals could be attained quicker.
Finance Chairperson Theresa Starcher Successful financing of the council is the direct result of successfully conducted fund-raising programs within each district. Each district within the council has finance goals. These goals are based upon a fair-share formula, based on the potential of the district and the needs of the council. The district finance chairman assists in determining and raising the goals.

Commissioner Staff

Members of the district committee are volunteers. The district trains adult volunteers, provides district programs for units such as camporees, and Scouting shows, assists in the formation of new units, and helps coordinate the annual giving campaign.

The district committee also provides the unit with a unit commissioner. The unit commissioner gives direct coaching and consultation to the unit committee and other adult leaders.

The volunteers on the district committee can be a helpful resource to the unit committee. Call upon their guidance when needed.

Ref: Troop Committee Guidebook BSA No. 34505 ; Cub Scout Leader Book; The Chartered Organization Representative; Chartered Organization Fast Start Video and Viewer’s Guide.

See also: Official BSA on-line Web Site, BSA Description and History and the Federal Charter


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