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On behalf of your Spring 2008 Camporee Staff, I would like to welcome you to the 2018 Camporee. A lot of hard work and efforts has been put into this Camporee in order to deliver to you what we feel will be an excellent weekend.

This particular Camporee has been planned out, created and set up to
allow youth to display their nature abilities and meet environmental requirements.
Therefore, if you find a problem with any aspect of this Camporee before or during the event, feel free to let a member of the staff know.

This year’s theme will be “Call of the Wild II”. It has been designed to
highlight various nature diversity activities and environmental events. Scouts and Scouter will have an opportunity to participate in fishing, nature and gaming events at both the patrol and individual level.
The Leaders’ guide (includes paper-n-pencil registration form).
On- Line Registration.

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