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2018 Fall Hock Hocking District Camporee — Calling all pack, troops, crews, and posts in the Hock Hocking District!! Join us on Oct. 5-6 at Burr Oak State Park for the 2018 Fall Hock Hocking District Camporee! There are LOTS of exciting fall activities being planned for this event!!!! Archery, astronomy, BB guns, camping, hiking, cooking, natural history events, games, music, songs, skits, first aid instruction are just a sampling of the many activities going on at this year’s camporee! Everyone who attends will receive a special fall camporee patch!

For more information, read the leaders guide or contact Jamie Irwin at: or Keith Milam at:

Complete parts A and B(2 pages) of the Health form. Please bring it with you to the Camporee. Part C is not required for this event.


To Register and pay on-line.


To Register via US Mail (Be sure to include payment)
Allohak Council #618
Attention Sara
1340 Juliana Street
Parkersburg, WV 26101

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Bike the Hocking. October 21, 2018 http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/bike-the-hocking-sept-24-2017 http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/bike-the-hocking-sept-24-2017#comments Wed, 22 Aug 2018 19:52:28 +0000 Joseph Testerman http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/?p=17283
Bike the Hocking

Bike the Hocking

— Scouts, Venturers, and Explorers from the Hock Hocking District will have the opportunity to bike along the Hocking River on the afternoon of Sunday, October 21th! Learn about bike safety and get lots of exercise during this event! For more information, please see the attached flier. For online registration click here. If you have any additional questions, please contact Keith Milam (

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Good Friends Camporee October 19-21, 2018 http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/good-friends-camporee-october-20-22-2017 http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/good-friends-camporee-october-20-22-2017#comments Wed, 15 Aug 2018 01:46:21 +0000 Joseph Testerman http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/?p=17817

You will need to bring ropes for lashings and knots and a water bottle.

A camporee will be held at Camp Kootaga in Walker, WV on October 19 – October 21, 2018. Activities being planned for Scouts include knot tying and lashings. This will be an action-packed weekend while camping in our own “tent city”.

All units will be self-sufficient. Meals will not be provided.

Each registered participant will receive a Camporee Patch. Additional patches will be available for purchase.

Examples of games involving Knots and Lashing.


$10 per participant (youth and adult)

Register online
Register via U.S. Mail

Camporee Schedule (October 19-21, 2018)

    Friday evening

  • 5:00 – 8:00pm Registration at Sparky’s Park*
  • 9:00 Adult Leaders meeting (bring your Senior Patrol Leader) at Sparky’s Park
  • 11:00 Lights out and quiet time
  • Saturday

  • 8:45am Flag raising and announcements
  • 9:00 Activities begin
  • 12:00pm LUNCH
  • 1:00 Activities resume
  • 5:00 Dinner
  • 7:00 Night time activity (Camp fire or Movie)
  • 11:00 Lights out and quiet time
  • Sunday

  • 8:45am Meet at flag poles
  • 9:00 Chapel service
  • 9:30 Awards ceremony
  • 10:00 Check out

All activities and scheduling subject to change.

Camporee Chairman
Shaun Harris

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Camp Mahonegon Cub Adventure (Sept 29-30) http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/camp-mahonegon-cub-adventure-sept-26-27 http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/camp-mahonegon-cub-adventure-sept-26-27#comments Wed, 08 Aug 2018 16:13:26 +0000 Joseph Testerman Cub Adventure Weekend for 2018 will be at Camp Mahonegon the weekend of September 29th. The camp will be transformed by the staff for a weekend of fun, games and activities for the whole family!!

Letter to Parents and Leaders including what to Bring and the Registration Form
Health Forms
http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/camp-mahonegon-cub-adventure-sept-26-27/feed 0
Camp Kootaga Cub Adventure Weekend October 12-14 http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/cub-adventure-weekend-october-12-14 http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/cub-adventure-weekend-october-12-14#comments Tue, 07 Aug 2018 19:38:59 +0000 Joseph Testerman http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/?p=21102

Fall is coming quick and so is Cub Adventure Weekend! Visit Camp Kootaga October 12-14, 2018 for an Out of This World experience while we Blast Off To Adventure!! If you couldn’t tell we will be having a Space Themed Camp this year with a ton of NOVA and STEM related fun! Registration is limited to the first 350 youth that register so we can safely accommodate all of our campers. We will be having a Space Derby at camp this year and we ask you to work on your Space Derby Rocket prior to coming to camp! Your Cub Scouts Space Derby Kit is included with his registration as long as you register by the September 17th early bird deadline. All siblings and Scouts that register after the 17th are responsible for their own Space Derby Kit.

To download the Leaders Guide for Cub Scout Adventure Weekend please click Here

To download a Cub Scout Unit Registration Sheet click Here

To download a Boy Scout Volunteer registration form click Here

Every person who attends Camp must have a completed health form both parts A and B. To download a copy of the Medical Forms needed please click Here

To register online for Cub Adventure Weekend click Here

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Family Adventure 2018 http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/family-adventure-2018 http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/family-adventure-2018#comments Tue, 07 Aug 2018 17:44:12 +0000 Joseph Testerman http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/?p=21007

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Trailblazer Weekend (Adults ONLY) http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/trailblazer-weekend-adults-only http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/trailblazer-weekend-adults-only#comments Tue, 24 Jul 2018 21:02:16 +0000 Joseph Testerman http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/?p=20898 September 29-30, Camp Kootaga

Allohak Council is holding a FUN weekend at Camp Kootaga for Adults only. Participants MUST be a registered adult volunteer. Spouses of participants welcome.

Why hold an Adults ONLY weekend?
This is a chance for volunteers to relax with their peers, enjoy Camp Kootaga, and form new friendships.

Activities to include:
Self-guided hikes, overnight camping experience, outdoor cooking and cooking contests, various games, etc. FUN FUN FUN!


  • Cost per participant — $0. There is no cost to attend. If an activity is planned that would require a small fee, you can opt to participate in that activity.
  • Location – Camp Kootaga, 79 Camp Kootaga Road, Walker, WV 26180
  • Check-in begins at 7:00am on Saturday morning.
  • BSA Health Forms A & B (ONLY) are required of everyone.
  • This is a self-sufficient event. Meals are NOT provided. You will provide your own meals. Refrigeration is available.


Saturday 7:00-9:00 Check – in

  • Various activities planned throughout the day
  • Cooking Contests (Be Creative – Dutch Oven, Cast Iron Skillet, Trash Can Cooking)


  • Sunday Interfaith Worship Service – 9:00 am
  • Check out following the Worship Service

Register HERE

Event Coordinator:

Traci Saffell

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Philmont June 27, 2019 – July 10, 2019 http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/philmont http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/philmont#comments Sat, 20 Jan 2018 04:16:08 +0000 Joseph Testerman http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/?p=19189

The Allohak Council proudly announces its 2019 Council Contingent Philmont Scout Ranch

When: June 27, 2019 thru July 10, 2019

Cost is $1950.00*. (This includes the Philmont Scout Ranch fee, ground and air transportation, additional lodging and t-shirts.) A $100 deposit is due upon registration. No registrations will be taken without the $100 deposit.

The traditional 12-day backpacking trek at Philmont gives crews the opportunity to hike for 10 days in the backcountry, with an arrival/departure day in Base Camp on each end of the journey. Crews will be welcomed and accompanied by a Philmont Ranger for their first 3 days, and will participate in program activities throughout their trek. 12-day crews cover 50-120 miles over the course of their trek and complete the 3 hours of conservation work necessary to earn the Philmont Arrowhead Patch.

Crew size is a maximum of 12 people. Allohak Council has been granted reservations for two crews so we have a total of 24 slots. Recommended crew is 2 Adult Leaders and 10 crew members. Ratio is subject to change depending on number of registered Youth participants. Venture Scouts are encouraged to participate (appropriate leadership is required).

Payment Plan will be distributed at registration.

For more information, contact Rick Beck, 304-684-2364. To make reservations, please contact the Scout Office at 304-422-4507.

*This is an estimate based on current air fare and ground fees.

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24th World Scout Jamboree http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/24th-world-scout-jamboree http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/24th-world-scout-jamboree#comments Sat, 19 Aug 2017 10:19:45 +0000 Joseph Testerman http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/?p=17353

The Adventure Begins:

http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/24th-world-scout-jamboree/feed 0