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You are invited to attend the
Annual Community Leadership Dinner
hosted by Allohak Council.

When: Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Where: Grand Pointe Conference & Reception Center
1500 Grand Central Avenue
Time: Reception 6:30pm; Dinner 7:00pm

Rocky Bleier
Featured Speaker

Hall of Fame Steeler and motivational speaker
Running Back for the Pittsburg Steelers
Four Super Bowl championships

For more information contact the Boy Scout Office
at 1-800-654-5272 or 1-304-422-4507

]]> http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/news/48th-annual-community-leadership-dinner-march-20/feed 0 2018 Nuts for Scouting http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/fundraising/2018-nuts-for-scouting http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/fundraising/2018-nuts-for-scouting#comments Fri, 19 Jan 2018 04:55:11 +0000 Joseph Testerman http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/?p=19178 Go nuts for summer camp….Go nuts for Scouting!

This spring the Allohak Council is pleased to offer Scouts a turn-key product sale for the camp fundraiser – Virginia Diner Peanuts. A high quality product with proven success for Allohak Scouts since 2011. The Nuts for Scouting program is an effective way for any Cub Scout, Boy Scout or Venturer to pay for their summer adventure or begin saving for a future event. The commission is 30%

Show and Sell is a great way to sell the product with no need to take an order and return with the product. Unsold products may be returned for a full credit as long as it is in a full case and in good condition. Show and Sell orders are due January 26, 2018. Show and Sell product will be available for pick-up on February 16th. Show and Sell returns and take orders are due March 29.

On average, a Scout will sell $100 per hour going door to door, with alittle effort and encouragement from Mom and Dad
A Scout can earn:

Hour Sales Commission
$90 Pays for Day Camp
$120 Pays for CS Resident Camp
$210 Pays for Boy Scout Summer Camp

The Nuts for Scouting is a turn key, no risk fundraiser to help your Scouts earn their way to camp, build confidence and learn valuable public speaking skills.

For more information, contact your District Executive at 304-422-4507 or the Allohak Scout Service Center, 1340 Juliana St., Parkersburg, WV.


For a Leaders Guide, click here!

For a Unit Take Order Form, click here. (This is in a pdf format)
For a Unit Take Order Form, click here. (This is in an excel format)

For a Unit Show-n-Sell Form, click here. (This is in a pdf format)
For a Unit Show-n-Sell Form, click here. (This is in an excel format)

Tentative dates are as follows:
(Dates are subject to change)

January 26 – Show n Sell Orders Due at Council Office
February 16 – Show n Sell Delivery at Council Office
February 17 – Take Order Sale begins
March 29 – Show n Sell Payment and Returns Due to Council Service Center
April 1 – Take Order Sale ends
March 29 – Take-order product order due to Council Service Center
April 15 – Final product pick-up
May 4 – Take Order Payment Due

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