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2018 Fall Hock Hocking District Camporee — Calling all pack, troops, crews, and posts in the Hock Hocking District!! Join us on Oct. 5-6 at Burr Oak State Park for the 2018 Fall Hock Hocking District Camporee! There are LOTS of exciting fall activities being planned for this event!!!! Archery, astronomy, BB guns, camping, hiking, cooking, natural history events, games, music, songs, skits, first aid instruction are just a sampling of the many activities going on at this year’s camporee! Everyone who attends will receive a special fall camporee patch!

For more information, read the leaders guide or contact Jamie Irwin at: or Keith Milam at:

Complete parts A and B(2 pages) of the Health form. Please bring it with you to the Camporee. Part C is not required for this event.


To Register and pay on-line.


To Register via US Mail (Be sure to include payment)
Allohak Council #618
Attention Sara
1340 Juliana Street
Parkersburg, WV 26101

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Scouts BSA Meeting! http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/training/scout-me-in http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/training/scout-me-in#comments Thu, 30 Aug 2018 21:55:19 +0000 Joseph Testerman http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/?p=21289

Scouts BSA Informational Meeting

for all
Troops and Chartering Organizations
Wednesday, October 17
Scout Service Center, Parkersburg, WV

How will adding girls to the program change the

What should I do now if we want to start a Girl Troop?

Find the answers to these questions plus many more!

Traci Saffell, 749-516-9736

To register

http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/training/scout-me-in/feed 0
Bike the Hocking. October 21, 2018 http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/bike-the-hocking-sept-24-2017 http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/bike-the-hocking-sept-24-2017#comments Wed, 22 Aug 2018 19:52:28 +0000 Joseph Testerman http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/?p=17283
Bike the Hocking

Bike the Hocking

— Scouts, Venturers, and Explorers from the Hock Hocking District will have the opportunity to bike along the Hocking River on the afternoon of Sunday, October 21th! Learn about bike safety and get lots of exercise during this event! For more information, please see the attached flier. For online registration click here. If you have any additional questions, please contact Keith Milam (

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Allohak Council NESA Committee announcement http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/news/allohak-council-nesa-committee-announcement http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/news/allohak-council-nesa-committee-announcement#comments Sat, 18 Aug 2018 13:21:28 +0000 Joseph Testerman http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/?p=21205

The Allohak Council NESA Awards Sub-Committee, Chaired by NOESA recipient Jeremy Starkey is seeking qualified Eagle Scout nominations for the NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award until 31 August 2018. Please email Awards chairman Jeremy Starkey at with nominating Eagle Scout bio that depicts the Eagle Scouts achievements as well as their distinguished service at the local, state, regional, and/or national level.

The nominee must be an Eagle Scout in good standing with the Boy Scouts of America and must either be registered with or have their primary residence within the boundaries of the nominating council. No length of time is required to have passed since earning the Eagle Rank.

The NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (NOESA) was established during the BSA’s 100th Anniversary in 2010 with the first recipient to receive the award a year later. The award was created to recognize notable Eagle Scouts who had either performed distinguished service at the local, state, or regional level or who were known nationally, but had not yet met the 25-year tenure as an Eagle for the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award. Often, worthy candidates for the NOESA have inspired others through their actions and have devoted a lifetime to their profession, avocation, community, and beliefs, at great sacrifice to themselves and their families.

For more information please see:

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Good Friends Camporee October 19-21, 2018 http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/good-friends-camporee-october-20-22-2017 http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/good-friends-camporee-october-20-22-2017#comments Wed, 15 Aug 2018 01:46:21 +0000 Joseph Testerman http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/?p=17817

You will need to bring ropes for lashings and knots and a water bottle.

A camporee will be held at Camp Kootaga in Walker, WV on October 19 – October 21, 2018. Activities being planned for Scouts include knot tying and lashings. This will be an action-packed weekend while camping in our own “tent city”.

All units will be self-sufficient. Meals will not be provided.

Each registered participant will receive a Camporee Patch. Additional patches will be available for purchase.

Examples of games involving Knots and Lashing.


$10 per participant (youth and adult)

Register online
Register via U.S. Mail

Camporee Schedule (October 19-21, 2018)

    Friday evening

  • 5:00 – 8:00pm Registration at Sparky’s Park*
  • 9:00 Adult Leaders meeting (bring your Senior Patrol Leader) at Sparky’s Park
  • 11:00 Lights out and quiet time
  • Saturday

  • 8:45am Flag raising and announcements
  • 9:00 Activities begin
  • 12:00pm LUNCH
  • 1:00 Activities resume
  • 5:00 Dinner
  • 7:00 Night time activity (Camp fire or Movie)
  • 11:00 Lights out and quiet time
  • Sunday

  • 8:45am Meet at flag poles
  • 9:00 Chapel service
  • 9:30 Awards ceremony
  • 10:00 Check out

All activities and scheduling subject to change.

Camporee Chairman
Shaun Harris

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Camp Mahonegon Cub Adventure (Sept 29-30) http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/camp-mahonegon-cub-adventure-sept-26-27 http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/camp-mahonegon-cub-adventure-sept-26-27#comments Wed, 08 Aug 2018 16:13:26 +0000 Joseph Testerman Cub Adventure Weekend for 2018 will be at Camp Mahonegon the weekend of September 29th. The camp will be transformed by the staff for a weekend of fun, games and activities for the whole family!!

Letter to Parents and Leaders including what to Bring and the Registration Form
Health Forms
http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/camp-mahonegon-cub-adventure-sept-26-27/feed 0
Camp Kootaga Cub Adventure Weekend October 12-14 http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/cub-adventure-weekend-october-12-14 http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/cub-adventure-weekend-october-12-14#comments Tue, 07 Aug 2018 19:38:59 +0000 Joseph Testerman http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/?p=21102

Fall is coming quick and so is Cub Adventure Weekend! Visit Camp Kootaga October 12-14, 2018 for an Out of This World experience while we Blast Off To Adventure!! If you couldn’t tell we will be having a Space Themed Camp this year with a ton of NOVA and STEM related fun! Registration is limited to the first 350 youth that register so we can safely accommodate all of our campers. We will be having a Space Derby at camp this year and we ask you to work on your Space Derby Rocket prior to coming to camp! Your Cub Scouts Space Derby Kit is included with his registration as long as you register by the September 17th early bird deadline. All siblings and Scouts that register after the 17th are responsible for their own Space Derby Kit.

To download the Leaders Guide for Cub Scout Adventure Weekend please click Here

To download a Cub Scout Unit Registration Sheet click Here

To download a Boy Scout Volunteer registration form click Here

Every person who attends Camp must have a completed health form both parts A and B. To download a copy of the Medical Forms needed please click Here

To register online for Cub Adventure Weekend click Here

http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/cub-adventure-weekend-october-12-14/feed 0
Family Adventure 2018 http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/family-adventure-2018 http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/events/family-adventure-2018#comments Tue, 07 Aug 2018 17:44:12 +0000 Joseph Testerman http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/?p=21007

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2018 Popcorn Sale http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/product-sales/2018-popcorn-sale http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/product-sales/2018-popcorn-sale#comments Tue, 07 Aug 2018 14:14:01 +0000 Joseph Testerman http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/?p=20959


This page has several links to Powerpoint shows. If you do not have Powerpoint or a Powerpoint Viewer you can download a viewer here.

It is just about that time of year again for our annual Popcorn Sale! Are you ready?!?!? Oh come on you can get louder then that, let’s try again.. ARE YOU READY?!?!?! Here are some things that will help this be your best sale yet for your Unit! To download the leader’s packet click here.

Let’s start with some important dates for our Popcorn Sale. You can download a PDF with all the dates here

  • Orders for Show and Sell are due August 22nd, 2018.
  • Show and Sell orders will be distributed, and our sale starts on September 8th, 2018.
  • Our sale ends on October 23rd, 2018.
  • You can return your Show and Sell product until October 30th, 2018.

Now, you are probably asking, I see when the Show and Sell orders are due, but do I send them to the office or do I have to do something myself. The easiest way for this sale to go off without a hitch is to place your Show and Sell and Take Order orders online. Our popcorn sale is so huge it would not be time efficient for one person to put all of those orders in. If you did this last year and remember your log in ID you are all set. All passwords have been reset to hello, but all log in ID’s remain the same. If you did not do this for your unit last year you will be receiving a folder with order forms in it. On the outside of the folder on a neon colored sticker is your log in information. The website to order is and you can click here to download a Powerpoint Presentation that explains how to place your order. If you don’t want to go through a Power Point Presentation click here to download a PDF that explains everything to you.

PDF of Unit Kickoff

A great way to get your unit revved up to have a great sale is having a unit kickoff!! And Campmasters makes that FUN with a Unit Kickoff Contest where you can enter to win extra commission! Since you have already attended the Council and your District Kickoff, here is a Power Point for you to customize to have your Unit Kick Off! Get creative, have fun, and take a video and follow the instructions in the flyer above to enter your unit in the Unit Kickoff Contest.

Online sales is a thing, and what a great thing it is! You can start as early as yesterday having your Scouts sell online. Click here for a step by step PDF that shows you how to register your Scouts to sell online.

Now that you have all of the information you need, Let’s get ready to have the BEST popcorn sale EVER!!!!

http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/product-sales/2018-popcorn-sale/feed 0
Area 4 Annual Training Conference October 13, 2018 http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/training/2017-area-4-annual-training-conference http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/training/2017-area-4-annual-training-conference#comments Tue, 07 Aug 2018 13:03:57 +0000 Joseph Testerman http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/?p=17018 Area 4’s Annual Training Conference will be held at Ohio University Zanesville
on Saturday, October 13, 2018. The college is located at:

1425 Newark Rd,
Zanesville, OH 43701


http://WWW.ALLOHAK.ORG/index.php/training/2017-area-4-annual-training-conference/feed 0