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Allohak Council Welcomes April McFarlin

April McFarlin- BS, MBA

April was born at Fort Leonard Wood, MO in 1981 and has lived in a variety of places along the east coast. Some have said she is a Jane of all trades. Professionally, she has consistently sought careers that allow her to serve others. Right out of high school, April joined the United States Army Reserves and even served during 9/11.

She then pursued higher education. At first, she double majored in Marketing and Management at Ohio University of Vienna, WV. Years later, she earned her MBA through Colorado Christian University online. Since then, she has worked as the Director of Abstinence Education (working with kids to teach good life choices) through the Women’s Care Center and as a Service Coordinator for REM Community Options (providing services for adults with mental disabilities).

April enjoys spending her free time with her friends and family while exploring local places and promoted events- such as touring the historic Anchorage building in Marietta, Ohio. She loves working as a camp counselor for Ohio Valley Christian Youth Camp at Camp Hervida of Waterford, Ohio. Currently, she attends Lighthouse Baptist Church of Vincent, Ohio. People often refer to her as “vibrant.” She has expressed gratitude in having the opportunity to now serve the Allohak Council as District Executive.

She will begin her duties as the Blennerhassett and Little Kanawha District Executive on March 1, 2018.

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