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On behalf of the Allohak Council Transition Committee and the Board of the Allohak Council, the attached statement is intended to keep our volunteers appraised of this weeks activity. Thank you to everyone who participated and allowed their voices and the voices of the youth we serve to be heard.

  • This was an extremely busy week in the Allohak Council, we wrapped up the last of the town hall meetings, conducted the Allohak Transition Committee meeting, and last night held our Council Board Meeting. All meetings were very positive. We wish to sincerely thank everyone who has participated in this process. The Transition Committee, wanted to make sure that everyone knows how grateful they are for the professionalism and Scouting Spirit represented throughout this process. The Committee feels they have heard and our making decisions based on the will and desire of the majority of scouters representing each area where a decision has been made. Below is an update on the agreements between the five councils represented on the transition subcommittee.
  • Allohak Transition Committee Recommendations:
    • Regarding “Gifting Stonewall Jackson & Highland Districts to Mountaineer Area Council”
      • Committee Recommended Approval
    • Regarding “Gifting Hock Hocking District to Simon Kenton Council”
      • Committee Recommended Approval
    • Regarding “Gifting Washington District to Muskingum Valley Council”
      • Committee Recommended Approval
    • Regarding “Merging Blennerhassett & Little Kanawha Districts into Buckskin Council”
      • Committee Recommended Approval
  • Areas that were negotiated and approved.
    • Coolville, Reedsville, recommended approving transfer to Buckskin Council.
    • Belpre, recommended retaining them in Blennerhassett District and approving transfer to Buckskin.
    • Williamstown, recommended retaining them in Washington District and transfer to Muskingum Valley Council.
    • Pleasants County recommended retaining in Washington District and transfer to Muskingum Valley Council.
  • Committee will begin Sub Committee breakouts and begin the task of reaching agreements on asset, properties and programs of the Allohak Council.
  • Sub Committees will now meet. Next full meeting TBD.
  • The Allohak Board has approved the appraisal process for all properties merely to determine property values.

July -August Formulate Territory Transfer/Merger Agreements
Early Sept. Submit agreements to National Attorney for Approval
Mid-September to October Finalize Agreements.
November all Council’s conduct full body votes with Allohak voting last.
Execution of agreements will take place between December 1st and February 28th.

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