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Camp Lohman

Camp Lohman, one of Allohak Council’ primitive Boy Scout Camps, is located on Athens Township Road 635 (T-635). The camp is covered with hills and mature woods and is very quite. There is a lot of wildlife to be seen. Turkey, White Tail Deer, Gray and Fox Squirrels, Box Turtles, Fence Lizards, Salamanders and many others. There are moss covered rocks and rock out-crops.

The Camp is 33.7 acres in size and is located on T-635 between Bean Hollow Road and Peach Ridge Road. The best way to Camp Lohman is to exit onto Ohio State Route 550 from US Route 33 (take West Exit 33 turn right; East exit 33 turn left). Travel approximately 2 miles and watch for a church on the right, which is on the corner of State Route 550 and Bean Hollow Road. Turn right onto Bean Hollow Road and travel approximately one half mile and turn right onto Township Road 635 (gravel). Continue approximately two tenths of a mile and you will see Camp Lohman’s red gate and parking area on the right. There is a gravel drive approximately 300 feet long on the other side of the locked gate. If you want to park inside the gated area, check with the Allohak Council’s office.

Camping is permitted anywhere on the camp property. There is an area approximately 1070 feet from the gate that is good for large groups to camp. The trail to the camping area is mostly flat and easy walking (marked in yellow).

There is also a hiking trail marked in green paint that takes about an hour to hike. The trailhead is located about 40 feet from the gate on the right. First time hikers should turn left on the trailhead. The trail has a long down-hill slope on the north end. Water is not available on the property and an old “Kybo” (no roof or door) is located about 350 feet from the gate off the green trail’s left. Make sure you wear proper footwear while hiking at Camp Lohman. An old fence can be seen along parts of the property boundary.

Camp Lohman map!
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To use this area please contact the council office:

Allohak Council #618
1340 Juliana Street
Parkersburg, WV 26101-3902
Phone: 304.422.4507
Toll Free: 800.654.5272
Fax: 304.428.8594
Hours: M-F 8am – 5pm

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