Position Name Contact Information
Council Commissioner Bruce Enlow 740-473-2809 H 740-350-5424 C
Asst. Council Commissioner Robert Sheridan 740-373-3957
Blennerhassett District Todd Handley 740-538-7299
Little Kanawha District Joseph Woolweaver 304-577-6303
Highland District Dan Wetsch 304-614-2750
Stonewall Jackson District Dave Christafore 304-641-4117
Hock Hocking District Howard Dewald 740-594-4072
Washington District Robert Sheridan 740-373-3957

Mission – The Commissioner’s specific mission is to provide units with meaningful service that delivers Scouting ideals to youth; brings about membership growth; and ensures on-time charter renewal.

- Representative of Scouitng
- Friend of the Unit
- Unit “doctor”
- Counselor
- Teacher
- Mentor
- Coach

Charter Renewal Process and Commissioners
- Ninety days ahead (October 1) – District Executive reviews charter with executive officer of charter organization
- Sixty days ahead (November 1) – commissioner and unit committee perform membership inventory
- Sixty to forty-five days ahead (November 1 to No0vember 15) – Commissioner and unit committee conduct charter renewal
- Fifteen days ahead (December 15) – Commissioner confirms completed charter renewal submitted to council
- Thirty days after renewal (February 1) – Commissioner confirms charter presentation date with charter organization

Awards and Recognition
- Commissioner Award of Excellence
- Commissioner Key / Arrowhead Honor: Unit Commissioner
- Commissioner Key / Arrowhead Honor: Roundtable Commissioner
Doctorate of Commissioner Science

Charter Renewal
- Tutorial

Commissioner Tools (and Assessment)

Journey to Excellence

Logos and Graphics

- Administration of Commissioner Service
- Unit Performance Guide
- Council Commissioner

Online Resources-Communication
- Advancement News
- Commissioner – National Website
- Commissioner Newsletter
- Commissioners of the Boy Scouts of America – Facebook
- Commissioner Service-Facebook
- Roundtable Commissioners -Facebook
- Scouting Wire

Recruitment and Membership
- Be A Scout
- Multicultural

Reporting (Paper Form)
- Unit Commissioner Worksheet-Pack
- Unit commissioner Worksheet-Troop

Roundtable Support
- Cub Scouting and bo0y Scouting Roundtable Planning Guide
- Venture Monthly Program Forum

- Basic Training
- College of Commissioner Science
- Philmont / Sea Base National Training
- Unit commissioner Fast Start