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Internet Rechartering
Renew your charter for Packs, Troops, and Crews

                        A representative of each unit can now complete the paperwork for renewing 
                        a charter online. From Internet Rechartering, you can indicate returning 
                        members, add new members, and update information for an individual or the 
                        chartered organization.

                    How to Use

                         The council will  provide training for Internet Rechartering. Each unit 
                         must select an adult to be its renewal processor. This adult must attend 
                         training. Additionally, anyone who wants to lean more about how 
                         Internet Rechartering  works can take the interactive Internet Rechartering 
                         tutorial and view the help.

                    Important Note

                          Normally, the system is unavailable from Saturday 9 p.m. to Sunday 6 p.m. 
                          (for system update). When demand is high the system may not let you in. If 
                          you logout and try again later you should be able to get in.

tutorial tutorial          rechart tutorial          rechart help
                    To Renew A Charter Online:

                         1. Sixty days before your unit's expiration date, select a renewal processor
                         2. The renewal processor will attend training and receive their unit access code
                         3. Sixty to 45 days before the unit's expiration date, the renewal processor
                             clicks the Recharter Now button and begins the process
                         4. When the online process is completed, the renewal processor prints the 
                              completed charter renewal application
                         5. The unit leader and the chartered organization representative sign the charter 
                             renewal application. Bring the application along with the material you
                             received in your recharter packet, and all appropriate fees to your 
                             district turn-in procedure

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